Shrine of St. Thérèse

Columbarium FAQs


How much does a Columbarium niche cost?

A Single Niche ranges in price from $2050 to $2300 depending on the Niche position on the unit. A Double Niche ranges in price from $4100 to $4400 depending on the Niche position on the Unit. The higher the niche on the unit the more expensive.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are available and adds an additional $50 to the final price:  Payments must be completed prior to interment or sandblasting the niche covers.

What is included in the purchase price?

Interment rights, standard sandblasted niche cover, interment and recording fees, niche sandblasting installation and inspection fee, processing fee, and endowment and maintenance fees.

How can I pay for my niche?

The Shrine accepts cash, checks, debit cards or credit cards.

What is the size of the niche?

A Single Niche is 9” high x 9” wide x 9” deep. A Double Niche is 11” high x 11” wide x 11” deep. When selecting an urn(s), please keep these dimensions in mind.

Which niches are available?

Please call 907-586-2227 ext 24 for an up-to-date map of the Columbarium.

Is it possible to have additional artwork/symbols on the niche cover?

Yes, at an additional cost. Only Christian symbols or artwork are allowed. Please contact the Executive Director for more information and pricing.

When will the niche cover be sandblasted?

Sandblasting varies from year to year.  The niche covers are usually sent to Seattle for sandblasting once or twice a year. It takes approximately 5-6 weeks from the time the niche covers are removed for shipping until they are returned to their niches. Occasionally, the engraving company is able to sandblast the niche covers in Juneau. 

What is my next step?

Create a list of 2-3 preferred niches and contact the Executive Director for an appointment.